Monday, May 31, 2010

What All People Should Know About Me, The Future MD Part I

To the people who say that the prerequisites for medical school will be difficult: Thank you, thank you. I know. If I didn't know that, why would I be diving into commitment that involves being constantly educated, constantly tested, and constantly, perpetually exhausted?

To the people who say that I'm no good at math and science and am therefore doomed: Well, first, I'd like to say thank you for your underestimation of my abilities. It really says something when the people who "love" and care for me the most don't believe that I can work for what I want. Yes, I will admit: the two subjects haven't been my strongest points in the past, but if you can believe this or not, they both have a deeper meaning now. You just wait. I'll prove you all wrong in two months.

To the people who constantly are telling me that it's a hard feat to get into medical school: No, really?! You don't think I understand that fact? But I'm confident in my own abilities that I will get there. I'll do whatever it takes to score well on the MCAT, to boost my GPA to medical school quality, and you know what? I'll blow the socks off of the interview and admission committees.

To the people who don't believe I'll get into medical school outside the state of Georgia: Well, you know what? Thanks for teaching me to limit my options, and even more than that, you're continuing to underestimate me. Honestly, it's all the motivation I need to succeed even further. So, again, I thank you.

To the people who tell me I've never had an interest in science before: You know, interests change. People change, circumstances change, and viewpoints change. Things happen. And my interest in medicine and becoming a doctor is the most powerful passion I've had in a long, long time.

...and you know what's funny about you people? None of you are doctors or medical students. In fact, doctors and medical students are the ones who have the most faith in me. So, thanks people, thanks!

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  1. Why all the naysayers? I like what your doing: if you want to become a doctor, then go for it. Of course, it won't be easy, but everything has its own challenges. Plus, if you shortchange yourself, then you'll never know.

    So go for it; give it everything you have so when the dust settles, you'll know that you laid it all out regardless of the outcome. No regrets.