Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm Just Saying

I'm just saying. I've had a headache for three solid days now, and the only thing that really helps me is to lie down in a semi-dark room. I'm just saying that I'm really, really tired of my head hurting.

Over-the-counter medications are great when they work, but, geez. Oh, my aching head.

We're going on family vacation tomorrow, and while I'm super excited, I never said this headache could go with us. I'm just saying.

I can return to the semi-human world for a few hours per day, and then it's back to the dark room with the closed blinds and the oh-so-comfortable blogging chair or full-sized bed. I am really lucky to have been blogging like I have. It keeps my mind off the ache, and I'm just really weak.

I'm okay. I'm just sayin'. I hate, hate, hate headaches. They scare me, but then Angel Doctor saves my life, so all is right with the world again!


  1. Only rarely have I resorted to treatments medicinal for cluster headaches and migraines, which I have had more or less since the early 1990s.

    Lots of empathy over here.

    Have a great holiday, headache or no.

    Hope you get some good guest contributions to tide you over the break.

  2. Oh, I do hope your migraine is gone so that you can enjoy your trip! The dilemma: suffer with lesser meds or become comatose with others that may still not work ....

  3. I've had an a-typical migraine for 5 months. It's been fun. :) I feel for you.